The importance of a Custom Mannequin

Waaaaaaaay back things where more easy in retail. We focussed on demands in the retail market. Nowadays in 2019 demands are way different. For a long time we don’t talk about age anymore. Age is bolt and stupid… How you feel is what you wear. And we need to take that in consideration when it comes to a Custom Mannequin.

It’s the other way around…

A great concept is telling and sharing your passion for what you do and for what you would like to sell. That, with in consideration the kind of person you would like to reach. We need to translate these ideas in to colours, fabrics , materials, communication, routing, instore experience and of course how you manage your visual merchandise.

We help to fit the description

We help to translate creative ideas into an actual mannequin which you can use in your concept. The attitude / body language is so important. This is basically who you are. Feminine, classical, casual, young, bitchy, tough and so on. It start from there. We need to create the perfect attitude which will fit the brand / concept the best. If you don’t know, we know…

How we make it tangible

We Sketch, we Craft, we Deliver

To create a custom product it’s good to know in which direction you would like to go. We need to know more about your concept and ideas. At our HQ in Roosendaal we have a team who translates that information in to an inspirational mood board for you to work with. First we determine who you are as a brand so we can customize our ideas especially for your brand and later we create actual samples for you to look and feel at.

Why a custom product ?

Who doesn't want to look special! It’s a way of expressing your brand and make a perfect combination with your clothing! Think about the endless possibilities like your own sizing, color, face, attitude or position. Together we can create your unique identity which perfectly suits your demands. Get in touch with us and let us convince you to take start this process together.

Together we can pursue the perfect match between the clothing and the mannequin.


We have all the modern tools to create the most beautiful customized mannequins within a couple of days. Due to our experience, we have noticed that the first step (defining your wishes and creating the sketches), requires the most time. But we can take this steps together with you so this whole process goes smoothly.