3D Development Window Mannequins

· Anything is possible

· Flexible

· Accurate

· Fast 

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To create a new position or positions which suits perfectly to your concept, you can choose to develop this with 3D technology. It’s a fast process and with the right input also a cost saving process. 

We have used our extensive knowledge in the field of conventional production methods to find a very fast, unique and high-quality way to develop figures within a few days that normally stood for a few months.

Craft Mannequins has its own 3D studio in Asia, where all positions are developed. Positions that have already been developed and which have been developed in clay have been scanned, giving us a large arsenal of starting positions.

As a result of a clue, an example or an image, we can digitally show "your" position in an instant. That way you can immediately see if the position fits your concept. Of course, developing your ideas is the most important thing, because it ultimately determines what your mannequins will look like.


When a 3D file is ready, it's time to print this full size. This is done with an industrial 3D printer, which prints out the 3D file, just like how the mannequins should normally be put together, so that it can be assembled later. In principle, you are already in possession of 1 copy, but of course we must ensure that production can also be run from this one copy.

To prevent damage during transport, we immediately make a mold after submitting images to make this manikin in Fiberglas. This is then sent to the location where it can be tested. As soon as your model is completely in line with your wishes, we can very easily start the series production based on this, knowing that it will take place exactly according to the 3D sample. With satisfaction, the production can be started immediately.