Craft Mannequins

Craft Mannequins is a mixture of craftmanship and retail knowledge, driven by passion for visual merchandising. Every concept deserves a well fitted mannequin and we do everything to make that happen. We strive to have long term relationships with our partners and clients and try to become better day after day. We are located in Roosendaal - Holland. Our 400 m2 showroom is based in an old liquor factory, which is always open for inspiration.


We are working on new collections every day. Crafted with the input fashion supplies us with every day. Together with our clients we want to stay on top. Work together and try new ideas when there is the possibility. We are able to create a new non-existing mannequin within 3 weeks. From the idea till sample.

Don't forget the world

All the products we use are recyclable, or biodegradable, means that for the environment it's safe to work with us. We can support you with a recycle program for the afterlife of your mannequin as well.


We have warehousing possibilities throughout the whole world. We can rollout your new mannequin plan from A till Z.


Never forget that we are working in the best surrounding there is. Creative people making beautiful surroundings. We inspire other people and help them having a good day in the city or elsewhere. Lets have some fun!